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GPS Mouse in Python

Some months ago I aquired a cheap gps mouse (Royaltek RGM-2000, really cheap, 2 € + shipping) at ebay. My plans to use it in combination with an microcontroller and a display haven’t worked out, it is a lot of work and the garmin units do that job fine.
However, playing around with it in python lead to better results. Getting the data to google earth works nicely, and at least qlandkarte can read the generated gpx tracks.

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This device connects to a computer’s usb port and controls two small electric motors using the L293D. The atmega microcontroller uses the firmware-only USB driver from objective development.

Device description

The usbmot device controls up to two small motors, 600 mA current each, 1.2 A peak each, with an atmel atmega microcontroller connected to some host device via USB. The speed of the motors can be controlled with PWM.


Both firmware and host software are in the software package at the end of this page. In order to recompile the firmware, you will need an avr build chain (for example avr-gcc and avrdude), which you probably have if you found this page. To compile the host software, you will need a c++-compiler and the qt development package.

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