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Linux and the BenQ/Siemens S81 phone


I didn’t find much about using the S81 in Linux, so I decided to test it myself, so far it works quite well.

About the Phone

The S81 is a rather cheap phone, I got one for Fr 100 (~60 €), paid another Fr 30 (~20 €) for a 2-GB micro-sd card. It works as a phone, and one can receive and send sms with it. It also works as mp3-player, camera (produces rather low-quality pictures, no comparison to my rather outdated Olympus UZ-700 digicam or even my Logitech Quickcam Fusion) and camcorder(really low resolution and not the best quality alltogether), emergency light, usb storage(only with micro-sd-card inserted, and only with cable always carried along, of course) and hopefully umts modem. One can greatly increase its usability by installing java programs, the most useful addition seemed to be a mobile bookreader, see below. The display is quite nice and well to read, but touch it and you’ll leave traces. So it’s perfect to take one’s fingerprints, but hard to keep it clean and shiny.

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