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Serial download from a digital tachograph in python

Digital tachographs are a compulsory equipment for heavy trucks in the european union. The companies owning these trucks have to download the data at least once every 3 months.

Without dedicated hardware, this was so far not easily possible in linux, but my python script should make it possible to download the data with a serial cable with the right connector.

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ytplay – wrapper for youtube-dl.py

Due to my slightly outdated computer flash is a huge problem. So, for viewing youtube videos, youtube-dl.py is a great solution. However, I wanted something more comfortable.

ytplay wraps around youtube-dl.py, it searches for a video, orders youtube-dl to get it, and starts playing it in vlc.

Usage is simple:
> ytplay foobar
will search youtube for videos about foobar and play the first one found.

The code is still quite dirty, especially the subprocess part. However, it should work, have fun!

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GPS plasmoid

Having recently acquired a bluetooth GPS receiver for as little as 20 €, and just having switched to KDE 4, i tried to combine those two, and write a little plasmoid to show the current position on the desktop.

And that is basically everything to say, enjoy the little applet.

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GPS Mouse in Python

Some months ago I aquired a cheap gps mouse (Royaltek RGM-2000, really cheap, 2 € + shipping) at ebay. My plans to use it in combination with an microcontroller and a display haven’t worked out, it is a lot of work and the garmin units do that job fine.
However, playing around with it in python lead to better results. Getting the data to google earth works nicely, and at least qlandkarte can read the generated gpx tracks.

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kernel config based on lsmod output

Update (October 7th, 2011): Kernels from 2.6.32 onwards should have the option to “make localmodconfig” and “make localyesconfig”. This post describes a dirty hack to get a result similar to “make localyesconfig”. If possible, use the official way instead of my python script.

After reading about the amazing 5-seconds bootup I decided to once again compile a kernel myself. Compiling a kernel is almost trivial these days, but customizing the configuration can still be quite confusing. For example, the names of the modules in lsmod aren’t the ones you select as config options. To map them, I found some scripts in the LQWiki, but they weren’t that easily to use, and also programming in bash is just painful.

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Feeding a screensaver from the digikam database

After several months of living without any screensaver, I decided it just would be nice to once again have something nice to watch and show while idling. I really like the photo slideshow that ships with windows vista, but as my laptop runs linux only that was not possible. The next best thing i found was glslideshow from the xscreensaver compilation. Like most slideshow programs, glslideshow will look into a given directory, and show files out of it in random order. However, there are downsides to that simple approach: My photo folder contains some private pictures, and also some pictures that are just ugly. So i decided to connect it to my digikam database, which was surprisingly simple.

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